Is Sims FreePlay Cheats Reall?

I want to explain does some people really cheat in sims or that is just a rumor.
Before we start let’s talk about why people cheats.

People often feel that anyone caught breaking the rules should be punished , but you don’t always know why someone cheated.
Not everyone who using cheats in games is an unrepentant jerk who only wants to ruin someones day. Very often some people are put into situations where they feel that they have to cheat, or how quickly someone might regret cheating. Some people can’t even agree on what cheating means.

I am here to talk about false information out there about cheating and hacking in general. This information applies to all games. When I get into conversations with people about cheats/hacks, it seems many people are misinformed. They seems not understand the severity of cheating, as well as the massive is almost impossible vertical incline anti-cheat needs to climb to ever be on par with actually stopping cheaters — I am here to tell you about the unfortunate truth and how cheating will always be here to stay.